CHILL OUT (Gentle/Yin/Meditation) (II)

CHILL OUT (Gentle/Yin/Meditation) (II)

Gentle Yoga. Yin Yoga. Meditation. Mantra. In other words: Relax. Release. Unwind. Breathe. Stretch. Open. Heal. Receive.

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CHILL OUT (Gentle/Yin/Meditation) (II)
  • Mantra To Remove Obstacles (Ganesha Chant)

    Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha
    Ganapati Ganapati Om

    We could all use to remove obstacles nowadays. This mantra is intended to just that. When you are reciting these ancient sounds, send out the intention that all obstacles and barriers will be removed from your mind, heart, body, and life!


  • Yoga Nightcap (Yoga Before Bedtime)

    Yoga Nightcap :) Ample sleep - we all need it... and my guess is that you're not getting nearly enough of it. This video includes a sequence of poses designed to help you wind down from the day... afterward, may you ease into bed and fall asleep soundly and soon. Rest your body and mind so you ca...

  • Mantra for Creativity and Inspiration (Saraswati Chant)

    Om Aim Saraswati Namaha Om.

    This is a mantra that I sing in my daily meditation. It calls on our imagination. It is the muse energy. When singing this lovely chant, we sing to our wisdom, health, creative energy, and moving thought. As we continue to reinvent the next best version of ourselves, ...

  • Yoga Nightcap II - Another Round! (Yoga for Sleep)

    Here's to another round! :) Our first Yoga Nightcap video was so popular, and by request, we couldn't help but order ourselves another (now longer) class! ;-)

    This "Yoga for Sleep" class includes a 55 min sequence of poses designed to help you wind down from the day and drift into dreamland...

  • Yoga for Headaches

    Yoga for Headaches - I mean, really. If you get them as regularly as I do, you know how difficult it is to get to your yoga mat when you're in that much pain. Migraines. Sinus pressure. Tension or TMJ headaches. Whatever it is, it sucks.
    Well, I HAD a headache while recording this video, so I ca...