LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (II)

LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (II)

Learn the nuts and bolts of yoga with Chaz - Build a strong foundation. Start a conversation with yourself. Stretch. Breathe. Smile. Let joy rise! And then join us for our Yoga Party/ Fun Flow classes! You got this!

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LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (II)
  • Rise 'n Shine Yoga

    Rise 'n Shine, Yogis! :) This is a great sequence to get you going for the day. Thank you for dragging your body out of bed. Let's face and breathe through another day together!

  • Yoga Nightcap (Yoga Before Bedtime)

    Yoga Nightcap :) Ample sleep - we all need it... and my guess is that you're not getting nearly enough of it. This video includes a sequence of poses designed to help you wind down from the day... afterward, may you ease into bed and fall asleep soundly and soon. Rest your body and mind so you ca...

  • Get the yuck out! (40 minute Flow)

    Sometimes we just need to get the yuck out! Enjoy a 40 minute flow that will help you de-yuck your body, heart, and mind. No peak pose - just you, your breath, some sweat, nice twists, and groovy beats. Level 1, but for all. Great to do during your lunch break!

  • The Afternoon (Yoga) Delight

    The Afternoon Delight! I mean, we have a Rise n Shine...and a Yoga Nightcap. We needed something for the afternoon! ;-) Fun flowy sequence to get you moving in the afternoon, or whenever you enjoy this video! Delight in the movement of your body!

  • Yoga for "Text Neck"

    That's right. This is a class for your "Text Neck." What's a "Text Neck," you ask? Well, if you're on your phone nearly as much as most of us are, you have it. That's right. Social media scroller? You got it. Dating apps? You betcha. lol. This class is designed to alleviate the "Text Neck" crunch...

  • Yoga for Inner Balance

    Balance - We all need it, and no doubt you've been feeling off-balance lately. Imbalances always happen when we are tipped too far into the extremes, namely fear, depression, anger, overworking, stress, etc. This class is designed to bring greater balance into not only your body, but your mind an...

  • Yoga to Change Your Mindset

    Yoga to change your mindset. In sanskrit, this is called Pratipaksha Bhavanam; it's the practice of taking a negative experience and finding the positive. We flip the script. If you're feeling something negative, like anger, fear, stress, sadness, etc., think about what the opposite of that feeli...

  • Yoga for Intention-Setting (Sankalpa)

    No doubt you've heard some yoga teacher say that you should "set an intention for your practice". While I abhor cliche, we SHOULD set an intention each time we unroll our yoga mat. This video was filmed with New Year spirit, a time when so many of us are designing resolutions for ourselves. How d...

  • Yoga Nightcap II - Another Round! (Yoga for Sleep)

    Here's to another round! :) Our first Yoga Nightcap video was so popular, and by request, we couldn't help but order ourselves another (now longer) class! ;-)

    This "Yoga for Sleep" class includes a 55 min sequence of poses designed to help you wind down from the day and drift into dreamland...

  • Yoga for Anxiety

    Yoga for anxiety. This is a big "DUH"! I mean, who wouldn't be anxious nowadays? Even the calmest people are struggling to stay centered (including myself). This class not only provides a sequence to rid the energy of anxiety from the body, but it will also tackle the philosophy of why we become ...