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Watch this video and more on Yoga with Chaz

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The Afternoon (Yoga) Delight

LEVEL 1 (Target Practices) (I) • 31m

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  • Yoga for "Text Neck"

    That's right. This is a class for your "Text Neck." What's a "Text Neck," you ask? Well, if you're on your phone nearly as much as most of us are, you have it. That's right. Social media scroller? You got it. Dating apps? You betcha. lol. This class is designed to alleviate the "Text Neck" crunch...

  • Yoga to Change Your Mindset

    Yoga to change your mindset. In sanskrit, this is called Pratipaksha Bhavanam; it's the practice of taking a negative experience and finding the positive. We flip the script. If you're feeling something negative, like anger, fear, stress, sadness, etc., think about what the opposite of that feeli...

  • Yoga for Intention-Setting (Sankalpa)

    No doubt you've heard some yoga teacher say that you should "set an intention for your practice". While I abhor cliche, we SHOULD set an intention each time we unroll our yoga mat. This video was filmed with New Year spirit, a time when so many of us are designing resolutions for ourselves. How d...