Level 1 (Target Practices) (II)

Level 1 (Target Practices) (II)

Target Practice - Enjoy focused classes that target fundamental needs and areas of the body. Learn the nuts and bolts of yoga with Chaz - Build a strong foundation. Start a conversation with yourself. Stretch. Breathe. Smile. Let joy rise! And then join us for our Yoga Party/ Fun Flow classes! You got this!

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Level 1 (Target Practices) (II)

    That's right. Yoga for your YOGA BOOTY! :) This class was literally a pain in my ass to record. lol. But it's gooooooood. Really good. Apologies ahead of time for losing count on some of the exercises - you know you're really in it when you lose track of time. Enjoy these firming and empowering m...

  • Yoga for Anxiety

    Yoga for anxiety. This is a big "DUH"! I mean, who wouldn't be anxious nowadays? Even the calmest people are struggling to stay centered (including myself). This class not only provides a sequence to rid the energy of anxiety from the body, but it will also tackle the philosophy of why we become ...

  • Yoga for Tight Shoulders

    Got tight shoulders? Of course you do.

    We are carrying so much weight and holding so much for so many.

    This class is designed to help loosen up the shoulder muscles, namely the traps, deltoids, rhomboids, cervical pain, lats, pectoral muscles, and really just the torso on an overall.


  • Yoga for Inner Balance

    Balance - We all need it, and no doubt you've been feeling off-balance lately. Imbalances always happen when we are tipped too far into the extremes, namely fear, depression, anger, overworking, stress, etc. This class is designed to bring greater balance into not only your body, but your mind an...

  • Get the Yuck Out II - Diggin' a Little Deeper

    That's what she said. Get the Yuck Out, Part 2... as in, GET MORE YUCK OUT! This sequence will help you twist, breathe, stretch, and even yell out the yuck! We all have yuck nowadays. Let's get that sh*t out!

  • Washboard Abs

    No, really - This is an abs class to do while you're doing your laundry! Work your core with yoga-styled ab exercises while you wash your delicates. :) EmPOWER your power center. The definition of your stomach does not define who you are...but you'll definitely get more defined doing this class....

  • Hit it and Quit it (30 min)

    That's right - We are hittin' n quittin' it in this class. Only got about 30 minutes but really wanna get in a practice? This class is for you. I felt so much better after. I hope you do, too!