LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (I)

LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (I)

Learn the nuts and bolts of yoga with Chaz - Build a strong foundation. Start a conversation with yourself. Stretch. Breathe. Smile. Let joy rise! And then join us for our Yoga Party/ Fun Flow classes! You got this!

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LEVEL 1 (Basics & Fundamentals) (I)
  • Intro to Yoga: Nuts and Bolts

    Join us for a Level 1 class where we will explore the fundamental poses that build a typical flow class. Learn the basics so you can join our Fun Flow classes with confidence! We want you to join our Yoga Party! We say no to boring, traditional yoga! :) You got this!

  • Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

  • Your hips don't lie (Hip openers)

    Your hips don't lie. That's a true statement! All that you are navigating thru right now and all that you are feeling is stored in your hips. This manifests as tension and stiffness throughout the body. Let's stretch out your hips in an effort to release some or all of that stuff, making space fo...

  • Core Power!

    Strengthen your core (abs) and emPOWER yourself!

  • Moon Salutation

    Moon Salutations! Stabilize yourself from the ground up! It's a great practice that doesn't require any weight bearing on the hands or wrists. Strengthen and stretch your lower body. The message of chandra namaskar is to breathe and move thru the phases of life with greater ease. :)

  • Sun Salutation A and B

    Learn the fundamentals of surya namaskar A and B (sun salutations) including Down Dog, Up Dog, Chaturanga, and Chair Pose. Get stronger practicing these traditional flows so you feel more confident joining our Fun Flow class! (But we will let you in on a secret - you totally can join us now!) ;-)

  • Chair Yoga (Level 1)

    Practice the fundamentals of yoga... with a chair! Great, deep stretches and strengthening movements that will help you build a better foundation. Can be practiced at work at your desk. All you need is a sturdy chair! :) This is also a great practice for those who can't bear weight due to wrist i...

  • Crow pose

    Caw caw! Learn to fly with us in crow pose (bakasana). We begin this tutorial with a few warmups and beneficial wrist stretches. Have the confidence to practice this pose in our FUN FLOW classes, or any time and anywhere. It's great at parties! ;-)

  • "Building a flow" (Dancing Warrior)

    "What time is it?" :) We wanted to show you how we "build a flow" in our normal FUN FLOW classes. Our flows are never the traditional Sun Salutations you find in most yoga classes. Each flow is always different; this one is loosely called "Dancing Warrior" Flow. Link your body's movement with yo...

  • Open your heart (heart-opening poses)

    The world needs your heart, and it needs it open. Enjoy heart-opening poses as we release some of the armor. Breathe into an open heart. We will open it together. :)

  • Shoulderstand (using wall)

    Take things upside down (especially if everything feels upside down right now!) Learn how to safely practice these inversions. We begin with legs up the wall and then venture into shoulderstand, first via the wall, and then from the middle of the room. Shoulderstand, or any inversion, helps with ...